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myhomehelper - the award winning on-line, digital memory and communication aid for people living with cognitive impairment such dementia, learning difficulties and head injuries.

Calendar Clock, Diary, Reminders, News Headlines, Photos, Facebook Messaging and Skype Video Calls can all be accessed, setup and maintained by family and friends over the internet, helping to reduce anxiety, boredom and loneliness.

Free 14 Day Trial

For a free, no obligation 14 day trial of myhomehelper on your own PC/laptop/tablet e-mail us at

No payment details required

what is myhomehelper?

myhomehelper is the innovative new memory aid developed from the personal experience of assisting a family member living with dementia.

The on-line digital display has been specifically designed to support people living with memory impairment and learning difficulties in their own homes. myhomehelper helps to reduce anxiety and isolation and gives peace of mind, reassurance and confidence to family and carers.

Developed from ideas and feedback given from service users and carers in trials of the system over the last 4 years, the user centred design ensures that it is ideal for people with no computer or IT experience and requires no interaction from the user for it to work.

how does it work?

myhomehelper comes pre-installed on a tablet computer that has been configured to run the system optimally from the moment that you turn it on.

A simple set-up system can be accessed by family, friends and carers to tailor the system to suit individual needs via the myhomehelper website, from anywhere that has access to an internet connection - be that at home, work or even on holiday.

It has been designed as an "always on" system and once set-up only needs to be maintained when new activities, appointments or photos etc need adding. The end user does not have to do anything but look at the display occasionally to benefit from it - there is no other interaction required.

Free 14 Day Trial

For a free, no obligation 14 day trial of myhomehelper on your own PC/laptop/tablet e-mail us at

No payment details required

created from personal experience

myhomehelper was designed and built by Kevin Marsch. In 2010 Kevin's Mum was diagnosed with Vascular Dementia. Kevin created a basic version of the myhomehelper Diary Screen to let his Mum know where he was and when he was at work or on holiday and how to contact him.

Seeing how effective this was in reducing her anxiety Kevin continued adding features to the system. Positive feedback from carers, doctors and paramedics, led to the local council telehealth team asking to see it. In 2011 Kevin quit his job and formed Simpla Solutions in order to make myhomehelper available for others to benefit from.

Click here to read Yorkshire Post article about Kevin and the story of myhomehelper.

about us

Kevin Marsch, Director

Kevin has worked in the IT industry for 20 years, although he wrote his first computer programme when he was 9. Kevin worked for the Retail and Logistics Software company Axida for 15 years, where he was responsible for managing and implementing multi-million pound infrastructure solutions for some of the largest household names in the UK.

Helen Powell, Relationship Manager

Helen has over 15 years Project Management, Engagement and Analysis experience across a number of public sectors including Employment, Education and Health. When not working on myhomehelper Helen also currently works for the NHS.

how much does it cost?

myhomehelper costs from £199.99 (ex VAT) for the first year and then either £7.49 per month or £77.88 per year thereafter to continue using the on-line features.

myhomehelper qualifies for VAT exemption for people with a disability or long term medical condition (including dementia/alzheimers).

The price includes:

We accept payment by Credit/Debit card, PayPal or direct bank transfer. For further information about the product, VAT exemption and other details click here.

Free 14 Day Trial

For a free, no obligation 14 day trial of myhomehelper on your own PC/laptop/tablet e-mail us at

No payment details required

what people are saying about myhomehelper

"He waits for instructions, not able to figure out what to do, so myhomehelper is becoming critical for him."

Donna, Carer and myhomehelper user, Illinois, United States

"Mum was averaging over 70 phone calls a day to us at work. This dropped dramatically with myhomehelper."

David, Carer and myhomehelper user, Barnsley, UK

"Mrs. X is more engaged and better orientated and aware as a result of the information communicated via myhomehelper."

Evaluation report of myhomehelper, Alzheimer's Society, 2012

"Peter loves to look at the photos that come up and the information really helps him every day."

Sheila, Carer and myhomehelper user, Kingston-Upon-Hull, UK

an award winning solution

In 2013 myhomehelper won the AbilityNet National Technology4Good Peoples Choice Award, seeing off competition from the likes of Barclays Bank. myhomehelper also came runner-up in the accessibility category and the Winner of Winners.

In 2014 mmyhomehelper was selected as a finalist the prestigious National Dementia Care Awards, in the Outstanding Dementia Care Product/Innovation category.

an independent evaluation

In 2012 Barnsley Metropolitan Borough Council and the Alzheimer's Society undertook an evaluated pilot of myhomehelper.

The pilot proved to be a great success and resulted in a very positive report about the targeted outcomes. Click here to read the full report (requires Adobe Acrobat Reader). The pilot has led to Barnsley Council undertaking a wider controlled implementation of myhomehelper as part of their Independent Living at Home Service offering from April 2014.

In 2013 myhomehelper was also piloted by Sheffield NHS in a communal setting. Click here to read the report.